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Lots of people still think that a Dominatrix potentially must be a cruel woman all in black, caring an image shouting out :"Never anything like sex ! Like sucking , fuc...ing or anything... Don't touch my tits....or  dont look here" . Its a traditional stereotype being delivered for years. But...! A man can submit only to a woman who he wants and desires. If he doesn't imagine his cock on her lips, he will not even listen what these lips are telling him to do, especially if these staff is perverted, bizarre or kinky. That's part of this magic balance of sado mazo games and roleplays, of fetish and power games. To seduce, tease and submit a man to my depraved desires is what I love!

If you are looking for an arrogant one-dimensional lady, you're looking at the wrong place. I am an intelligent, well-educated woman who enjoys kinky play. Follow my hypnotic voice and join me on a trip to another dimension, where your fantasies and feelings create a perfect blend with my creativity and my attention to detail. The hectic of your daily routine has no place here, finally you get a chance to relax. Open your mind to a state of ecstatic bliss.Glamorous, educated, feminine and sophisticated… I am the epitome of the femme fatale. 

Experienced, attentive Mistress and a lifestyle sensual fetishist who frequently attends alternative events all over Europe. I've got a vivid imagination.  Become my favorite sex toy! ... an object or an obedient pet!

I began my career as a fetish model, then broadened my specialties to roleplays and domination.  Now I am a Professional Fetish Lady and Mistress. I have many years of experience, lots of high heels, stockings, fetish lingerie...  My Body is beautifully shaped and I keep it fit by doing lots of sports and dancing.  You will love to submit to the Blonde Kinky Beauty I am as I am the combination of stunning looks, tall beautifully shaped feminine figure, long silky hair and a demanding commanding voice. I am the Lady who you will trust to be submitted to.  I love to dominate, to humiliate, to play with your mind, to submit you by the power of my beauty and experience.




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